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Surplus rain likely in two months. Published On: 01-08-2020

A.P. can do preliminary work on water project. Published On: 15-07-2020

1000 crores sanctioned to the state for ground water scheme from the center. Published On: 11-07-2020

Haryana is cutting its share of water. Published On: 09-07-2020

East Rajasthan canal project should be declared a national project. Published On: 09-07-2020

India wettest June in 12 years. Published On: 01-07-2020

11 rain centres to come up in the city during monsoon. Published On: 01-07-2020

Three times bigger dams and 6 barrages will be built from Bisalpur to connect the rivers. Published On: 29-06-2020

India gets its first climate change assessment report. Published On: 15-06-2020