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Give rivers more space. Published On: 02-08-2019

Transforming livelihoods through farm ponds. Published On: 02-08-2019

Plan for single water disputes tribunal. Published On: 02-08-2019

Heavy rain in western Maharashtra fills up dams, boosts water stocks. Published On: 02-08-2019

Tirupati may run out of water in a month. Published On: 15-07-2019

Marathwada dams have 0.8 percentage water 2191 tankers deployed. Published On: 15-07-2019

Yamuna floodplain water storage project on fast track. Published On: 12-07-2019

Single tribunal to hear water disputes. Published On: 12-07-2019

Rs 77k rentacre for farmers along river. Published On: 12-07-2019

No extra funds for Jal Shakti Abhiyan. Published On: 10-07-2019

Water conservation campaign launched. Published On: 10-07-2019

Kaise Bache Pani. Published On: 02-07-2019

Under Jal Shakti scheme, Centre to focus on replenishing water bodies. Published On: 02-07-2019

Centre set to roll out Jal Shakti scheme for water-starved areas. Published On: 27-06-2019

Centre sets up team for water harvesting. Published On: 27-06-2019