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Black Yamuna becomes clean after pollution ends. Published On: 20-05-2020

HC asks how KSPCB plans to preserve lakes. Published On: 20-05-2020

It is unjust to ask for more water from UP: Shivraj. Published On: 08-05-2020

Govt body wants research on special properties of Ganga water. Published On: 06-05-2020

Proposal sent for testing of Ganges water in the treatment of Corona virus. Published On: 04-05-2020

War on pollution of seven rivers from aviral dhar. Published On: 04-05-2020

Activists seek testing of Ganga water for COVID-19 treatment. Published On: 01-05-2020

Students will be able to know Ganga through questions. Published On: 30-04-2020

Study on China dams brings the Brahmaputra into focus. Published On: 30-04-2020

No improvement in Ganga water quality during lockdown. Published On: 29-04-2020

Yamuna water quality improves during lockdown govt report. Published On: 21-04-2020