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River Linking should be done on a scientific basis. Published On: 10-05-2021

Will the proposed Ken Betwa project solve the regions water woes or destroy livelihoods. Published On: 07-05-2021

Groundwater depletion may reduce winter cropping intensity by 20 percentage in India. Published On: 25-04-2021

Ken-Betwa Link Project to provide water security in Bundelkhand. Published On: 20-04-2021

Monsoon 2021: The good and bad news. Published On: 19-04-2021

Pre-monsoon rain deficiency hits states. Published On: 13-04-2021

Attempt to save the pre-monsoon rainwater. Published On: 07-04-2021

Water, the looming frontier. Published On: 25-03-2021

UP, MP sign Ken-Betwa river link pact. Published On: 23-03-2021

U.P., M.P., sign agreement on Ken-Betwa interlinking work. Published On: 23-03-2021

UP and MP sign Ken-Betwa link project, PM says revolutionary for Bundelkhand. Published On: 23-03-2021

Ken-Betwa Link Project. Published On: 23-03-2021

NREGS funds must be used to save water: PM. Published On: 22-03-2021

Rate waterbodies close to your home on mobile app. Published On: 22-03-2021

Tenders to revive 200 water bodies next month. Published On: 22-03-2021

UP, MP to ink Ken-Betwa pact today. Published On: 22-03-2021

PM to launch Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain. Published On: 22-03-2021

Ken-Betwa Link Project: Neither the river will dry up, nor will the thirsty lives. Published On: 22-03-2021

Ken-Betwa link project will irrigate 2.5 lakh hectare land - Yogi Adityanath. Published On: 20-03-2021

Govt to allow completion of 7 hydel projects in Uttarakhand. Published On: 19-03-2021

Save the Himalayan river systems. Published On: 18-03-2021

Cycle tracks, eco-trails in revamp plan for 22km Yamuna riverfront. Published On: 18-03-2021

Come out with rule curve for Mullaperiyar: SC. Published On: 17-03-2021

Single law mooted to replace air water environment acts. Published On: 17-03-2021

Resolving dilemmas of development: New documentary on Sardar Sarovar dam oustees suggests an answer. Published On: 16-03-2021