EE Bengaluru

Investigation Division ,NWDA, Bengaluru

Work Entrusted with EE(Bengaluru), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report


A. Godavari (Inchampalli/ Janampet) - Cauvery (Grand Anicut) link project:

Segment – II: Krishna (Nagarjunasagar) - Pennar (Somasila) reach

Post DPR Activities

  1. Modification of DPR in light of alternate alignment vis-à-vis observations /views of Party States.

  1. Efforts to arrive consensus between party States for water sharing/signing of MoU

B. Bedti- (Pattanada Halla/ Shalamala Halla dam sites)-Varada link as per NPP alongwith alternate –I: Bedti-Dharma & alternate –II: Bedti (Suremane)-Dharma Link Project of Karnataka (Preparation of DPR)

C: Post DPR activities of Ponnaiyar (Nedungal)-Palar intra-State link project


Revision of Water Balance Study Reports

  1. Upper Cauvery sub-basin

  1. Middle Cauvery sub-basin

  1. Arkavathi sub-basin

  1. Shimsha sub-basin

  1. Bedti basin

  1. Aghanashini basin

For Details of Officials/Contacts