EE Gwalior

Investigation Division ,NWDA, Gwalior and Jaipur ISD

Work Entrusted with EE(Gwalior), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report


A. Ken-Betwa Link Project

Post DPR Activities

  1. Liaison work for different clearances

  1. Modification and updating of Comprehensive DPR

  1. Topographical Survey of submergence area of enroute tanks connected through KBLP (about 7000 ha of 57 tanks) excluding UP portion.


Preparation of Feasibility Report

  1. Rajasthan-Sabarmati link project

  1. Yamuna-Rajasthan link project


Revision of Water Balance Study Report

  1. Bearma sub-basin

  1. Sonar sub-basin

For Details of Officials/Contacts