EE Hyderabad

Investigation Division ,NWDA, Hyderabad

Work Entrusted with EE(Hyderabad), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report


A. Godavari (Inchampalli/ Janampet)-Cauvery (Grand Anicut) link project:

Segment – I: Godavari (Inchamapalli/Janampet)-Krishna (Nagarjunasagar) reach

Residual Works

  1. Topographical surveys and Pipeline Design by outsourced agency

  1. Topographical survey for River portion at Janampet (Godavari) and Link Canal by outsourced agency

Post DPR Activities

  1. Modification of DPR in light of alternate alignment vis-à-vis observations / views of Party States.

  1. Efforts to arrive consensus between party States for water sharing/signing of MoU

B. Damanganga-Vaitarna-Godavari (Kadva Dev) Intra-State link project

Preparation of draft chapters


Revision of Water Balance Study Report

  1. Godavari basin between SRSP and Polavaram

  1. Krishna basin upto Srisailam dam site

  1. Krishna basin upto Prakasam barrage

For Details of Officials/Contacts