EE Nagpur

Investigation Division ,NWDA, Nagpur

Work Entrusted with EE(Nagpur), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report of NPP / Intra State Links


A. Damanganga-Pinjal Link Project

Post DPR Activities

  1. Clearances from MoEF & CC and MoTA

  1. Attending the comments of GoM, GoG, CWC on the modified DPR

  1. Works related to signing of MoU between GoM & GoG in respect of water sharing.

B. Damanganga-Sabarmati-Chorwad Intra-State Link Project Gujarat

C. Waingana (Gosikhurd)-Nalganga (Purna Tapi) Intra-State Link Project of Maharashtra


  1. Post DPR Activities


Water Balance Study of Tapi basin up to Ukai dam site

For Details of Officials/Contacts