EE Valsad

Investigation Division ,NWDA, Valsad

Work Entrusted with EE(Valsad)


Preparation of Detailed Project Report


A. Par-Tapi-Narmada Link Project

Post DPR Activities

  1. CEIA study by M/s WAPCOS Limited

  1. Techno-Economic clearance

  1. Clearances from MoEF & CC and MoTA

  1. Works related to signing of MoU between GoM & GoG in respect of water sharing

B. Damanganga-Sabarmati-Chorwad Intra-State Link Project (Damanganga-Sabarmati Reach) *

  1. Preliminary works like data collection, reconnaissance, etc.

  1. Topographical surveys from Madhuban to Sabarmati reach

  1. Consultancy works for various special surveys

  1. Preparation of chapters 1, 4, 5 & 6 

For Details of Officials/Contacts

* Subject to signing of MoU by the Government of Gujarat . Part of the work will be shared by the IDs of Valsad and Vadodara. In case the work of preparation of the DPR is not given by the Government of Gujarat, the preparation of part of the DPR of Damanganga-Ekdare-Godavari link project being carried out by the ID, Nasik-I, NWDA will be taken up by the IC of NWDA, Valsad alongwith its Divisional Offices so that the draft DPR could be prepared by March 2021.