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Investigation Circle, NWDA Patna
Works Entrusted with Investigation Circle, Patna
Name of Work Progress Achieved

NWDA Completed 137 Water Balance Study (WBS) of basins/sub-basins and 71 WBS of diversion points proposed under the Peninsular and Himalayan Components of National Perspective Plan (NPP). In addition to this, NWDA is also engaged in preparation of new WBS reports as and when required pertaining to Intra State as well as IBWT Link projects. The revision/updation of these WBS reports incorporating latest data/observations of concerned State Governments/various Departments are a continuous technical job of the Investigation Circle (IC) and attached Investigation Divisions (IDs) of NWDA. Accordingly, the works entrusted to the IC/IDs are:

I Preparation /Revision/Updation of WBS Reports
(a) PWBS of Sone Basin upto Kadwan dam Preparation of draft report is under progress
II Intra State Link Projects

Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR)/Feasibility Report (FR)/ Detailed Project Report (DPR) have to be prepared by the IC/IDs on the proposal as and when received from concerned State Government. So far NWDA have received 47 Intra State link proposals from various State Governments. The Intra State link studies presently targeted by the IC/IDs are:

IIA Preparation of PFRs/FRs of Intra State Link Projects
(a) Barakar-DamodarSubarnarekha Link Project The WBS of Barakar river basin at Balpahari dam site is completed and it is revealed that there is no surplus water available for diversion.
IIB Preparation of DPRs of Intra State Link Projects
(a) Burhi Gandak-Noon- BayaGanga Link Project DPR prepared and submitted to the WRD, Govt. of Bihar and CWC. Replies/ compliance of CWC comments on various technical aspects on DPR have been sent to CWC.
(a) Kosi-Mechi Link Project DPR prepared and submitted to the WRD, Govt. of Bihar and CWC. Advisory Committee of MoWR, RD&GR accepted the report. The report is under various statutory clearances from MoEF &CC and MoTA.
III Preparation of PFR/FRs of Inter State(IBWT) Link Projects

The then Ministry of Irrigation (Now the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation) and Central Water Commission (CWC) formulated the NPP for Water Resources Development in 1980, by envisaging Inter Basin Water Transfer (IBWT) Project from surplus river 2 basins to deficit ones with a view to minimize the regional imbalances in water resources and optimally utilize the water resources available.

After approval of the PFRs/FRs, the DPRs have to be prepared with the consensus of the concerned State Government(s).The preparations of PFR/FR of IBWT Link Project entrusted to the IC are:

(a) FR of Sone Dam STG Link Project Topographical survey and other Agencies works are under progress
(b) PFR of Sarda-Yamuna link project considering Pancheswar Multipurpose Project Data collection of the Report is under progress
(c) FR of Gandak-Ganga Link Project Draft report (Indian Portion) prepared and the same is under scrutiny.
(d) FR of Kosi-Ghaghra Link Project Preparation of draft report (Indian Portion) is under progress.