SE Patna

Investigation Circle, NWDA, Patna

Works Entrusted with SE(Patna), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report

  1. Kosi-Mechi Intra-State Link Project

  1. Post DPR activities


Preparation of Feasibility Report

  1. Sone Dam- Southern Tributaries of Ganga(STG) Link Project

  1. Kosi-Ghagra Link Project

  1. Gandak-Ganga Link Project

  1. Consolidated FR of M-S-T-G Link Project

  1. Modification of Sarda-Yamuna Link Project


Revision of Water Balance Study

  1. Sone Basin upto Kadwan Dam

  1. Sone Basin Upto Indrapuri Barrage

  1. Hydrological Study of Barakar-Damodar-Subarnarekha Intra-State Link Project

  1. Assessment of Water Availability and Simulation Studies to ascertain the Fulfilment of Various Downstream Requirements of the Proposed Barrages at Sankh-South Koel and South-Koel-Subernarekha Intra-State Link projects

  1. Water Balance Study of Gandak Sub-Basin upto Gandak regulating dam

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