Headquarters, NWDA, New Delhi
Works Entrusted with the Headquarters, NWDA, New Delhi
Director(Multi Disciplinary Unit)

Works related to NWDA Website design, uploading and updating of data, information, technical reports, charts and maps on website; Implementation of eGovernance modules pertaining to Personal Information System/ ER Sheets; EIA and Hydrological Studies of various Inter/Intra State Link Projects; Computation of crop water requirement to assess irrigation needs in the command of various technical link studies being carried out by NWDA; Study multi disciplinary and groundwater aspects and incorporate in NWDA studies; Providing reply of RTI queries related to NWDA studies/ links regarding multidisciplinary aspects; Preparation and publication of Jalvikas; and Assist CE(HQ), NWDA for all works dealt by MDU.