Investigation Circle, NWDA, Bhubaneswar

Works Entrusted with SE(Bhubaneswar), NWDA


System Study


The study of various Possible Scenarios for understanding the long term effect of irrigation coming in the enroute of the proposed

Mahanadi-Godavari Link Project


Preparation of Feasibility Report

  1. Mahanadi(Barmul)-Rushikulya-Godavari(Dowlaiswaram) Link Project

  1. Subarnarekha-Mahanadi Link Project

  1. Ganga(Farakka)-Sunderban Link Project

  1. Ganga-Damodar-Subarnarekha Link Project

  1. Manas-Sankosh-Teesta-Ganga Link Project

  1. Surveys &Investigations work of Mahananda river

  1. Preparation of note on the Water Holding Capacity of Mahananda River with respect to M-S-T-G Link Project


Preparation of Pre-Feasibility Report

  1. Khadago Storage Reservoir

  1. Udanti Reservoir

  1. Nagavali-Rushikula-Vamsadhara Intra-State Link Project


Revision of Water Balance Study

  1. Rushikuliya Basin

  1. Streams Between Mahanadi & Rushikuliya

  1. Streams Between Rushikulya & Vamsadhara including Bahuda

  1. Streams Between Nagavali & Godavari

  1. Dwarkeswar Sub-Basin of Ganga Basin upto Dwarkeswar Dam site & upto G-D-S Link Crossing

  1. Brahmani Basin

  1. Mahananda Sub-Basin


viii) Ajoy Sub-Basin upto G-D-S Link Crossing & upto Confluence of Ganga

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