EE Bengaluru

Investigation Division, NWDA, Bengaluru
S.No. Work Entrusted with EE(Bengaluru), NWDA

Preparation of Detailed Project Report

  • Post DPR activities of Bedti-Varada Link Project
  • Post DPR activities of Ponnaiyar (Nedungal)-Palar intra-State Link Project
  • Preparation of DPR of Krishna (Almatti)-Pennar Link Project
  • Preparation DPR of Bedti-Hirevaddatti Link Project

Preparation of Pre-Feasibility Report

  • Bedti-Hirevaddatti Link Project

Revision of Water Balance Report

  • Krishna uptoAlmatti dam
  • Arkavathi Sub-basin of Cauvery Basin
  • Suvarnavati Sub-basin of Cauvery basin*
  • Kabini Sub-basin of Cauvery basin*

* If the DPR of Bedti-Hirevaddatti Link Project is taken up, these two water balance report will be dropped from the work programme of 2022-2023

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