Multi Disciplinary Unit

Director(Multi Disciplinary Unit), NWDA(HQ), New Delhi

All Works related to NWDA Website such as Updation of information coming under all Main/ Sub-Links; Modifications of Contents and Designs of Webpage as per Requirements; NWDA data collation and compilation required for Organization Chart and Regional Page Data/Information and their Updation and Uploading with respect to Officers/Staff Strength, Personal Information Systems, Updation and generation of NIC based E-mails and Contact Details of NWDA Employees while acting as NIC Coordinator; Keeping in track of Technical Studies/ SC-ILR/  RTI Matters and Circulars/Orders relating to Vacancy, Tenders, Vigilance, Court Cases, Grievances, Tours Conducted by Senior Officers of NWDA, Posting/Transfers of NWDA Officials and e-Governance Modules like e-HRMS, e-Attendance etc on NWDA Website; Conducting Security Auditing and Submission of Self Appraisal Report of NWDA Website; Providing Reply of RTI Queries related to NWDA Studies/ Links regarding Multidisciplinary Aspects;  Preparation of Various Contents and Publication and Distribution of Jal Vikas Quarterly Magazine and Annual Reports of NWDA;  and Assist CE(HQ), NWDA for all Works relating to MDU, NWDA

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