SE Gwalior

Investigation Circle, NWDA, Gwalior
Sno. Works Entrusted with SE(Gwalior), NWDA


Preparation of Detailed Project Report

  • Post DPR activities of Ken-Betwa Link Project

  • Additional EIA study for Lower Orr Project

  • DPR of Integration of Modified Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal Link Project with Eastern Rajasthan canal Project (ERCP)


Preparation of Feasibility Report

  • Modified PKC Link


Topographical survey in Nepal portion using high resolution stereo satellite for preparation of FR of 

  • Gandak-Ganga Link
  • Ghaghra-Yamuna Link


Revision of Water Balance Report

  • Free catchment of Yamuna below Ken

  • Jamini Sub Basin of Betwa basin

  • Kuno Sub-Basin

  • Lower Chambal Sub-Basin

For Details of Officials/Contacts