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1 List of applications received for the post of Assistant Engineer in NWDA 06-01-2021 View
2 Yamuna body tells CPCB to find sources of river pollution 06-01-2021 View
3 Guidelines for transfer of officer and staff in NWDA-2021 04-01-2021 View
4 Ken-Betwa link project will irrigate 2.5 Lakh hectare land - Yogi Adityanath 20-03-2021 View
5 UP, MP sign Ken-Betwa river link pact 23-03-2021 View
6 NREGS funds must be used to save water: PM 22-03-2021 View
7 U.P., M.P., sign agreement on Ken-Betwa interlinking work 23-03-2021 View
8 UP and MP sign Ken-Betwa link project, PM says revolutionary for Bundelkhand 23-03-2021 View
9 Rate water bodies close to your home on mobile app 22-03-2021 View
10 Tenders to revive 200 water bodies next month 22-03-2021 View
11 Govt to allow completion of 7 Hydel projects in Uttarakhand 19-03-2021 View
12 Save the Himalayan river systems 18-03-2021 View
13 Cycle tracks, eco-trails in revamp plan for 22km Yamuna riverfront 18-03-2021 View
14 Come out with rule curve for Mullaperiyar: SC 17-03-2021 View
15 Single law mooted to replace air water environment acts 17-03-2021 View
16 UP, MP to ink Ken-Betwa pact today 22-03-2021 View
17 PM to launch Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain 22-03-2021 View
18 Ken-Betwa link soon 10-01-2021 View
19 The best schools will be awarded with national water award 12-01-2021 View
20 After DJB plea, SC orders fresh river clean-up 14-01-2021 View
21 Pure Water Fundamental Rights: Supreme Court 14-01-2021 View
22 Jal Shakti Minister writes to CMs of A.P.,Telangana 17-01-2021 View
23 SC seeks status report on river water quality 20-01-2021 View
24 Why You Can not Wash Your Hands of Froth In Yamuna 25-01-2021 View
25 NGT dissolves two Yamuna panels 29-01-2021 View
26 Scripting a social revolution through water 25-01-2021 View
27 The problem of ageing dams 01-02-2021 View
28 Planned thermal plants could kill 8.4 L 01-02-2021 View
29 More than 500 Wetland lost 02-02-2021 View
30 2.87L Cr. Jal Jeevan Mission aims to take tap water to 28.6m homes 02-02-2021 View
31 After 25 years, water from Yamuna will be fulfilled 04-02-2021 View
32 Tehri 'dam' amidst from disaster 08-02-2021 View
33 Dhauligangas water level breaches records 08-02-2021 View
34 To make the urban water mission work, fix institutional structures 10-02-2021 View
35 IGI Airport receives National Water Conservation Award 12-02-2021 View
36 Dams in the para glacial zone are a danger 12-02-2021 View
37 Himalaya is connected to the existence of all of us 15-02-2021 View
38 1st high dam on Yamuna may pose flood risk to city: Experts 22-02-2021 View
39 CM lays foundation for river-link project 22-02-2021 View
40 Devise mechanism to curb pollution of river stretches 26-02-2021 View
41 PM calls for water conservation drive 01-03-2021 View
42 Phase 2 of Jal Shakti Abhiyan to commence from April: Govt 03-03-2021 View
43 Wetland at DDA park to clean waste water 03-03-2021 View
44 Climate and consciousness 04-03-2021 View
45 All-New Waterbody Debuts In Dwarka 09-03-2021 View
46 7 Hydel projects vulnerable to damage from disasters 11-03-2021 View
47 Centre reconstitutes panel on mythical Sarasvati river 14-03-2021 View
48 Ken-Betwa dispute: Consent on giving 750 MCM water to UP 15-03-2021 View
49 Resolving dilemmas of development: New documentary on Sardar Sarovar dam oustees suggests an answer 16-03-2021 View
50 Groundwater Role In Capital Tremors 23-05-2021 View
51 Will the proposed Ken Betwa project solve the regions water woes or destroy livelihoods 07-05-2021 View
52 Ken-Betwa Link Project to provide water security in Bundelkhand 20-04-2021 View
53 Monsoon 2021: The good and bad news 19-04-2021 View
54 Pre-monsoon rain deficiency hits states 13-04-2021 View
55 Attempt to save the pre-monsoon rainwater 07-04-2021 View
56 Water, the looming frontier 25-03-2021 View
57 Ken-Betwa Link Project 23-03-2021 View
58 KCR, Jagan reach water sharing deal 14-01-2020 View
59 "Ice Stupas" could help irrigate Ladakh fields 17-01-2020 View
60 Rising carbon dioxide levels may double floods storms 24-01-2020 View
61 Purifying water 06-02-2020 View
62 Society must help conserve water expert 12-02-2020 View
63 Rajasthan seeks higher Central assistance for water scheme 12-02-2020 View
64 Punjab govt. sanctions 650 Cr. for rejuvenation of Sutlej tributary 19-02-2020 View
65 Committee to study Ulsoor lake pollution 27-02-2020 View
66 Goa plans to revive inland waterway passenger ship service, says minister 24-02-2020 View
67 Nine Delhi districts had contaminated groundwater in 2019: Jal Shakti Minister 03-03-2020 View
68 Apex body on river linking in pipeline 04-03-2020 View
69 Students will be able to know Ganga through questions 30-04-2020 View
70 Activists seek testing of Ganga water for COVID-19 treatment 01-05-2020 View
71 Proposal sent for testing of Ganges water in the treatment of Corona virus 04-05-2020 View
72 War on pollution of seven rivers from AVIRAL Dhar 04-05-2020 View
73 Govt body wants research on special properties of Ganga water 06-05-2020 View
74 Yamuna water quality improves during lock down govt report 21-04-2020 View
75 No improvement in Ganga water quality during lockdown 29-04-2020 View
76 Groundwater depletion may reduce winter cropping intensity by 20 percentage in India 25-04-2021 View
77 River Linking should be done on a scientific basis 10-05-2021 View
78 It is unjust to ask for more water from UP: Shivraj 08-05-2020 View
79 Study on China dams brings the Brahmaputra into focus 30-04-2020 View
80 Black Yamuna becomes clean after pollution ends 20-05-2020 View
81 HC asks how KSPCB plans to preserve lakes 20-05-2020 View
82 Centre to take stock of Krishna and Godavari water utilization 09-06-2020 View
83 India gets its first climate change assessment report 15-06-2020 View
84 Three times bigger dams and 6 barrages will be built from Bisalpur to connect the rivers 29-06-2020 View
85 India wettest June in 12 years 01-07-2020 View
86 11 rain centres to come up in the city during monsoon 01-07-2020 View
87 Haryana is cutting its share of water 09-07-2020 View
88 East Rajasthan canal project should be declared a national project 09-07-2020 View
89 1000 Crores sanctioned to the state for ground water scheme from the center 11-07-2020 View
90 A.P. can do preliminary work on water project 15-07-2020 View
91 Surplus rain likely in two months 01-08-2020 View
92 Flood Alert sounded as Godavari level rises 17-08-2020 View
93 Forestry intervention to revive 13 rivers 18-08-2020 View
94 Speed up water projects 19-08-2020 View
95 Heavy rain filled all reservoirs in a week 24-08-2020 View
96 Many irrigation schemes were stuck for four decades: Sushil Modi 26-08-2020 View
97 Small rivers of the state will also be connected: CM 26-08-2020 View
98 PM Modi pitches for river linking project to end water woes of Bundelkhand UP and MP 30-08-2020 View
99 System is such that 25 ponds of the city remain full throughout the year 15-09-2020 View
100 How to leverage trained water professionals 18-09-2020 View
101 Cauvery-Gundar link: Central agency readies draft report 20-09-2020 View
102 Jal Shakti holds meeting to discuss MoA to implement Ken-Betwa Link Project 23-09-2020 View
103 Central authority will decide the sharing of water for Ken-Betwa project 23-09-2020 View
104 The monsoon, which is furious, will return from North India in two days 28-09-2020 View
105 This year it rains more than normal 01-10-2020 View
106 Drinking water will reach all schools soon 03-10-2020 View
107 Central government should declare ERCP as national project 04-10-2020 View
108 Centre to fix jurisdiction of river boards 07-10-2020 View
109 New plan floated to rejuvenate City of Lakes project 13-10-2020 View
110 Huge inflows continue into Telangana, A.P. dams 18-10-2020 View
111 Now the danger mark will be fixed on the river Kuno, the flow of water will also be assessed 24-10-2020 View
112 Excess of nitrate and fluoride in ground water 04-11-2020 View
113 Aimed to end Yamuna pollution by 90 percentage by March 2023 19-11-2020 View
114 Nivar brings heavy rain to south coastal A.P. 27-11-2020 View
115 Faecal coliform levels 660 times desirable limit in the Yamuna 01-12-2020 View
116 Minister of State for Jal Shakti Shri Rattan Lal Kataria Chairs AGM of NWDA and Meeting of SCILR 07-12-2020 View
117 Ken-Betwa Link Project: Neither the river will dry up, nor will the thirsty lives 22-03-2021 View
118 Monsoon onset in Kerala likely today: IMD forecast 03-06-2021 View
119 Monsoon advances across country 14 days early: IMD 14-06-2021 View
120 Climate change will accelerate the flow of rivers: Study 25-06-2021 View
121 Normal rainfall likely in July 02-07-2021 View
122 Cities along rivers urged to include conservation plans 06-07-2021 View
123 With Godavari in Spate, A.P. issues first flood alert 26-07-2021 View
124 U.P. gets big chunk of Clean Ganga funds 27-07-2021 View
125 Let's make room for the river 29-07-2021 View
126 Renegotiate Indus treaty with Pak: Perl panel to govt 06-08-2021 View
127 India-Nepal flood management needs course correction 06-08-2021 View
128 Yamuna level link to water logging? Officials say so 09-08-2021 View
129 Flood-hit Raj, MP announce aid; rain continues in north 09-08-2021 View
130 There will be more floods. Be prepared 09-08-2021 View
131 Lights camera and action DDA wants you to take a closer look at revamped floodplain 25-08-2021 View
132 Campaign for one million soak pits in 100 days 26-08-2021 View
133 Assam flood situation worsens- The Hindu 31-08-2021 31-08-2021 View
134 Notice regarding schedule of Documents Varification/Skill and Typing Test 04-09-2021 View
135 Annexures, Provisionally short listed candidate for Documents Varification/Skill Test/Typing Test 04-09-2021 View
136 A hydro onslaught the Himalayas cannot take 03-09-2021 View
137 Clear the way for Ken-Betwa link project, Modi to lay foundation stone in November 08-09-2021 View
138 Record breaking rain due to stir in Indian Ocean 16-09-2021 View
139 Excess September rainfall shrinks monsoon deficit - The Hindu 21-09-2021 21-09-2021 View
140 Sea level rise is certain - The Hindu 23-09-2021 23-09-2021 View
141 Areas with poor groundwater quality to get RO plants - The Hindu 24-09-2021 24-09-2021 View
142 e-Auction of gifts received by PM is Service to Ganga- Navbharat Times 01-10-2021 01-10-2021 View
143 Government of Uttar Pradesh connecting rivers with economy - Dainik Jagran 07-10-2021 07-10-2021 View
144 3-week Clean Yamuna Campaign kicked off - Times of India 08-10-2021 08-10-2021 View
145 1900 water conservation structures built inGurugram - The Hindu 12-10-2021 12-10-2021 View
146 Flood situation remains grave in A.P. 12-11-2021 View
147 Heavy rain continues in Kerala, 3 dead. 01-11-2021 View
148 Cabinet approves Ken-Betwa linking project at cost Rs 44,605 Cr. 09-12-2021 View
149 Isolated heavy rain may persist in several districts of TamilNadu. 12-12-2021 View
150 Finding a way out of India's depending water stress. 22-12-2021 View
151 Nod to extend irrigation scheme for five years 24-12-2021 View
152 The level of bacteria in the water of Yamuna increased by 14 times, Dainik Jagran, dated 18-01-2022 18-01-2022 View
153 Domestic sewage to blame for 80 percent of river pollution, The Times of India, dated : 18-01-2022 18-01-2022 View
154 Gujarat deep-sea pipeline scheme remains non-starter, The Hindu, dated : 02-02-2022 24-01-2022 View
155 Delhi taps drying up due to pollution of river Yamuna, Navbharat Times, dated 31-01-2022 31-01-2022 View
156 Approval to connect 5 rivers, to supply tap water to homes, Navbharat Times, Dated 02-02-2022 02-02-2022 View
157 Neer of prosperity will flow by connecting rivers, Dainik Jagran, Dated 02-02-2022 02-02-2022 View
158 Hi-tech season for farming Kisan drones set for takeoff, The Times of India, Dated 02-02-2022 02-02-2022 View
159 Ken Betwa link project will benefit 281 villages including 246 and 39 villages of Datia district, Dainik Bhaskar dated 07-02-2022 Gwalior edition 07-02-2022 View
160 246 villages will get the benefit of Ken Betwa project 12 villages will come under submergence area, Nayi Duniya date 06-02-2022 Gwalior edition 07-02-2022 View
161 Govt forms panel SPV to implement Ken-Betwa project Times of India Dated 15-02-2022 15-02-2022 View
162 Recruitment for the post of Assistant Engineer (Group B) in National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Dated 04-03-2022 04-03-2022 View
163 Alaknanda glaciers reducing, may cause Ganga water shortage: Study, The Times of India, Dated 07-03-2022 07-03-2022 View
164 19000 Crore afforestation plan launched, The Hindu, Dated 15-03-2022 15-03-2022 View
165 Most of Ganga clean, claims Jal Shakti Ministry, The Hindu, Dated 23-03-2022 23-03-2022 View
166 119 water bodies in Delhi's villages being developed as 'model ponds', Times of India, Dated 23-03-2022 23-03-2022 View
167 Banking on rain : More catchment reservoirs along river to help ensure taps don't run dry, Times of India, Dated 25-04-2022 25-04-2022 View
168 Pollution down in Yamuna, but still 1220 times higher than acceptable standards, The Times of India, Dated 11-05-2022 11-05-2022 View
169 Floods wreak havoc in Assam, The Hindu, Dated 21-05-2022 21-05-2022 View
170 Assam flood scene improving, The Hindu, Dated 23-05-2022 23-05-2022 View
171 Rain brings more chaos than comfort in Ggn, The Times of India, Dated 24-05-2022 24-05-2022 View
172 Clean Yamuna possible in 2025? Still a long way to go, The Times of India, Dated 05-06-2022 05-06-2022 View
173 Rivers facing heavy pollution: CSE, The Hindu, Dated 06-06-2022 06-06-2022 View
174 U'Khand aims to implement river-linking project in 2 yrs, The Times of India, Dated 11-06-2022 11-06-2022 View
175 What India is doing to tackle its water crisis, The Times of India, Dated 11-06-2022 11-06-2022 View
176 As a river runs shallow, it squeezes livelihoods dry, leaves city parched, The Times Of India, Dated 14-06-2022 14-06-2022 View
177 6 more die, many displaced in N-E as rain fury continues, Hindustan Times, Dated 19-06-2022 19-06-2022 View
178 47 lakh hit by flood in Assam, toll rises to 81, The Times of India, Dated 21-06-2022 21-06-2022 View
179 Yamuna even dirtier that it was a mth ago, sewage content 1.2k times higher than norm, The Times of India, dated 28-06-2022 30-11--0001 View
180 T.N. asks A.P. to suspend supply of Krishna water from July 1,The Hindu, dated 28-06-2022 28-06-2022 View
181 Maharashtra releases water for Telangana, The Hindu, Dated 02-07-2022 02-07-2022 View
182 Water discharged from Kodagu's Harangi dam due to heavy rain, The Hindu, Dated 03-07-2022 03-07-2022 View
183 Monsoon fury grips many parts of Kerala, The Hindu, Dated 08-07-2022 08-07-2022 View
184 Heavy rain batters Karnataka districts, The Hindu, Dated 08-07-2022 08-07-2022 View
185 13 districts in Karnataka battered by intense rain, The Hindu, Dated 09-07-2022 09-07-2022 View
186 Panel to Prevent Yamuna pollution, Hindustan Times, Dated 10-07-2022 10-07-2022 View
187 Krishnaraja Sagar dam nearing full reservoir level, The Hindu, Dated 11-07-2022 11-07-2022 View
188 Godavari in spate, flood warning issued, The Hindu, Dated 11-07-2022 11-07-2022 View
189 Evacuation apace at Bhadrachalam, The Hindu, Dated 12-07-2022 12-07-2022 View
190 Ken-Betwa project: New body to enforce environment management, The Times of India, Dated 25-07-2022 25-07-2022 View
191 Fresh floods in Godavari create panic, The Hindu, Dated 26-07-2022 26-07-2022 View
192 India adds five more Ramsar sites, The Hindu, Dated 27-7-2022 27-07-2022 View
193 Industrial effluents behind Yamuna's heavy metal woes, The Times of India, Dated 01-08-2022 01-08-2022 View
194 Seven die as monsoon fury grips Kerala, The Hindu, Dated 02-08-2022 02-08-2022 View
195 Rain batters Kerala, toll hits 12, The Hindu, Dated 03-08-2022 03-08-2022 View
196 Rain abates in Kerala, but death count rises to 19, The Hindu, Dated 04-08-2022 04-08-2022 View
197 Kerala stares at repeat of 2018 floods as rain fury continues, The Hindu, Dated 05-08-2022 05-08-2022 View
198 Odisha flood affects 4.67 lakh people, The Hindu, Dated 18-08-2022 18-08-2022 View
199 Godavari flows above danger mark in Telangana, The Hindu, Dated 18-08-2022 18-08-2022 View
200 Rains continue to wreak havoc in Himachal, U'khand, toll rises to 32, The Times of India, Dated 22-08-2022 22-08-2022 View
201 Death toll in Himachal floods rises to 27, The Hindu, Dated 22-08-2022 22-08-2022 View
202 Rains, flooding force schools to shut in MP, Raj dists, Orisha's Balasore too hit, The Times of India, Dated 23-08-2022 23-08-2022 View
203 Flooded rivers keep Kerala on edge, The Hindu, Dated 31-08-2022 31-08-2022 View
204 Record rain turns B'luru into water world, city put on , The Times of India, Dated 31-08-2022 31-08-2022 View
205 No cheer on river front, Yamuna dirtier despite better flow of water, The Times of India, Dated 31-08-2022 31-08-2022 View
206 Heavy rain batters IT parks, arterial roads in Bengaluru,The Hindu, Dated 06-09-2022 06-09-2022 View
207 River taken for dead for 30 years floods B'luru area, The Times of India, Dated 08-09-2022 08-09-2022 View
208 Flood warning issued at Bhadrachalam, The Hindu, Dated 13-09-2022 13-09-2022 View
209 Rain lashes Capital; Met says more in store as mercury dips, The Hindu, Dated 23-09-2022 23-09-2022 View
210 Shifting monsoon patterns, The Hindu, Dated 26-09-2022 26-09-2022 View
211 Thousands evacuated as Yamuna overflows, The Times of India, Dated 28-09-2022 28-09-2022 View
212 4L cr loss due to rains, floods in 65 yrs 50 percent of it in last 10 yrs Report, The Times of India, Dated 03-10-2022 03-10-2022 View
213 Flash flood sweeps away 8 during immersion of Durga idols in Bengal, The Times of India, Dated 07-09-2022 07-10-2022 View
214 70,000 affected in fresh Assam flood, 3rd in'22, The Times of India, Dated 13-10-2022 13-10-2022 View
215 Heavy downpour brings Hyderabad to its knees, The Hindu, Dated 14-10-2022 14-10-2022 View
216 Water issue linked to nat 'l security, can be weaponised- Murmu 02-11-2022 View
217 CSIR-NGRI to install early warning system against floods, rockslides, and avalanches in Himalayan States, The Hindu, Dated 09-11-2022 09-11-2022 View
218 Chennai's Water Woes, The Times of India, Dated 14-11-2022 14-11-2022 View
219 Recharging ground water by water-harvesting measures, The Hindu, Dated 13-11-2022 13-11-2022 View
220 Yamuna More Polluted In Dec Than It Was In Jan, The Times of India, Dated 12-01-2023 12-01-2023 View
221 India lost 2 out of 5 wetlands in last 3 decades, Say experts, Times of India, Dated 09-01-2023 09-01-2023 View
222 India lost 2 out of 5 wetlands in last 3 decades, say experts, The Times of India, Dated 09-01-2023 09-01-2023 View
223 Signs of recovery as biochemical oxygen demand dips in Najafgarh drain in 6 mths, The Times of India, Dated 24-01-2023 24-01-2023 View
224 No Untreated Effluents Into River by 2027, The Times of India, Dated 07-02-2023 07-02-2023 View
225 Create a development body, link Kosi and Mechi rivers: HC to Centre, state, The Indian Express, Dated 13-02-2023 13-02-2023 View
226 Sea levels up 4.5mm per year during 2013-22, several big cities at risk: WMO, The Times of India, Dated 15-02-2023 15-02-2023 View
227 LG Vows Visible Change In Yamuna in 6 Months, The Times of India, Dated 17-02-2023 17-02-2023 View
228 Untapped drains to be monitored in Yamuna cleanup, The Times of India, Dated 16-02-2023 16-02-2023 View
229 Lay pipelines to rejuvenate lakes with STPs' treated water, says NGT, The Times of India, Dated 17-02-2023 17-02-2023 View
230 Central Travancore stares at drought as water level drops drastically in all major rivers, The Hindu, Dated 20-02-2023 20-02-2023 View
231 Drinking water top issue at world's wettest spots, The Times of India, Dated 21-02-2023 21-02-2023 View
232 City infra prone to damage from climate change: Study, The Times of India, Dated 21-02-2023 21-02-2023 View
233 High ammonia in Yamuna affects drinking water supply, The Times of India, Dated 01-03-2023 01-03-2023 View
234 Act now to clean & rejuvenate 11 km of Yamuna floodplain: LG, The Times of India, Dated 13-03-2023 13-03-2023 View
235 Desilting in focus in clean Yamuna drive: The Times of India, Dated 15-03-2023 15-03-2023 View
236 How Serious is India's Water Crisis, The Times of India, Dated 22--03-2023 22-03-2023 View
237 63 percentage of waterbodies in Yamuna floodplain dry: Report, The Times of India, Dated 24-03-2023 24-03-2023 View
238 Ganga mission clears projects for Rs. 638 crore, The Hindu, Dated 19-04-2023 19-04-2023 View
239 Reviving a 'dead' river: a cultural event to celebrate legacy of Yamuna, The Hindu, Dated 23-04-2023 23-04-2023 View
240 Guardians of the Ganga: task force keeps a watchful eye on the river, The Hindu, Dated 22-05-2023 22-05-2023 View
241 Yamuna Pollution Level dips for first time this yr: The Times of India, Date 24-05-2023 24-05-2023 View
242 Over 14k students brought under DJB Yamuna pathshala, The Times of India, Dated 05-06-2023 05-06-2023 View
243 Flood-like situation in five districts of Rajasthan; CM Gehlot makes aerial survey, The Hindu, Dated 21-06-2023 21-06-2023 View
244 Landslides, floods hit Assam, Meghalaya, 3 killed, Sunday Times, Dated 18-06-2023 18-06-2023 View
245 Floods worsen in Assam, 1.2L hit in 20 dists, The Times of India, Dated 22-06-2023 22-06-2023 View
246 41 more lives lost in unrelenting rain in North, flood fury in states, The Times of India, Dated 11-07-2023 11-07-2023 View
247 Yamuna water level breaches 60-year record, Kejriwal seeks Centre's help ; The Hindu, dated : 13.07.2023 13-07-2023 View
248 Public health crisis looms as roads turn rivers, The Times of India, dated 14-07-2023 14-07-2023 View
249 Hindon flows above 201m, displaces 500 on floodplain : The Times of India, dated 25-07-2023 25-07-2023 View
250 Heavy rain claims two lives in coastal Karnataka : The Hindu, dated 25-07-2023 25-07-2023 View
251 Hindon Floods Two Substations,The Times of India, dated 26-07-2023 26-07-2023 View
252 48 people rescued from flash floods in Andhra Pradesh, The Hindu, dated 29-07-2023 29-07-2023 View
253 11 dead in T gana as heavy rains trigger flash floods, Hindustan Times, dated 29-07-2023 29-07-2023 View
254 Cleaning of Yamuna: military veterans seek statutory body, The Hindu, dated 02-08-2023 02-08-2023 View
255 Mayhem in Uttarakhand, rain puts Char Dhamyatra on Hold, Hindustan Times, Dated 16-08-2023 16-08-2023 View
256 Heavy rain in Rajasthan; Flood like situation in three districts, The Hindu, Dated 18-09-2023 18-09-2023 View
257 When All's Not Well, The Times of India, Dated 31-08-2023 31-08-2023 View
258 4 dead, 400 rescued as heavy rains hit Nagpur, The Hindustan Times, Dated 24-09-2023 24-09-2023 View
259 Water status territorial depth How LAC intrusions fit into larger Chinese strategic designs 09-06-2020 View
260 Torrential rains batter UP, leave 21 dead across state, The Times of India, Date: 12-09-2023 12-09-2023 View
261 Eight swept away in MP as pond embankment caves in, Bodies Recovered, The Hindu, Dated 18-09-2023 18-09-2023 View
262 Heavy rain, lightning kill eight people in Jharkhand, The Hindu, Dated: 03-10-2023 03-10-2023 View
263 10 dead, 22, soldiers among 82 missing as flash flood wreaks havoc in Sikkim,ToI, Dated 05-10-2023 05-10-2023 View
264 Sikkim Flood death count rises to 14, The Hindu, Dated 06-10-2023. 06-10-2023 View
265 Sikkim flash flood, 8 Soldiers killed, 14 missing, The Hindu, Dated : 08-10-2023 08-10-2023 View
266 Light Rain Cleans City's Air, Temp Dips to 13C at Ridge, The Times of India, Dated 18-10-2023 18-10-2023 View
267 List of winners on speech competition during the Vigilance Awareness Week-2023 07-11-2023 View
268 Invitation of Technical Articles for forthcoming Jal Vikas issue 21-11-2023 View
269 Dank Delhi weathers another bad air day, finds a silver lining in evening, TOI, Dated 28-11-2023 30-11--0001 View
270 Dank Delhi Weathers Another Bad-Air Day, Finds A Silver Lining in Evening. Times of India, New Delhi, Dated 28-11-2023 28-11-2023 View
271 Near-Complete dam of Ken-Betwa project yet to get environmental nod, The Hindu, Dated 14.01.2024 14-01-2024 View
272 5 days after flooding, Chennai wages grim battle, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Dated 09-12-2023 09-12-2023 View
273 Focus turns to relief work in rain-hit South T.N.; over 3,500 persons relocated, The Hindu, New Delhi, Dated 20-12-2023 20-12-2023 View
274 CWRC an unbiased platform: Minister, The Hindu, New Delhi, Dated: 24-01-2024 24-01-2024 View
275 Uproar in Rajasthan House Over canal project with MP, The Times of India, Bhopal, Dated 01-02-2024 01-02-2024 View
276 Rain Cleans Up Delhi's Act, To an Extent, The Times of India, New Delhi, Dated 02-02-2024 02-02-2024 View
277 Dumping Of Waste In Rivers: Panel Wants Penal Provision, The Times of India, Dated 07-02-2024 07-02-2024 View
278 Pollution level in Yamuna on rise treatment affected The Times of India New Delhi Dated 08-02-2024 08-02-2024 View
279 Modified Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal-ERCP Link Project to Transform Irrigation Infra, The Hindu, New Delhi, Dated 04-03-2024 04-03-2024 View
280 Delhi logs Best AQI in 137 days on back of rain, gusty winds, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Dated 04-03-2024 04-03-2024 View
281 10 wetlands in Asola to conserve rainwater, The Times of India, New Delhi, Dated 12-03-2024 12-03-2024 View
282 Bengaluru to save nearly 60 MLD water through supply cut to big consumers, The Hindu, New Delhi, Dated 04-04-2024 04-04-2024 View
283 On revamp priority list, Satpula Lake being filled up with raw sewage water from drain, The Times of India, New Delhi, Dated 08-04-2024 08-04-2024 View